Vivian Hoard's book Guide to Handling Tax Issues and the IRS The Business Owners’ Guide to Handling Tax Issues and the IRS: Tips for Avoiding Trouble With the IRS

by Vivian D. Hoard

Award-winning tax attorney, Vivian D. Hoard has published a practical book of instructions and tips for business owners dealing with tax issues and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The book, “The Business Owner’s Guide to Handling Tax Issues and the IRS,” is available for purchase on

Hoard details helpful advice for business owners when it comes to avoiding difficulties with the IRS, providing practical approaches for addressing common disputes. The book covers many subjects helpful to business owners, including:

• Options for handling an IRS audit when negotiations fizzle out with the examination division.

• The role of the IRS Office of Appeals.

• Who should represent the business in resolving the IRS dispute.

• What to do if a tax court petition isn’t filed in time.

“My goal was to create a comprehensive handbook for business owners that eliminates the mystery from dealings with the IRS and reduces the uncertainty of resolving disputes with one of the most intimidating government agencies,” said Vivian Hoard. “The content in the book is a direct result of the questions my clients ask every day, and I hope it will serve as a valuable tool for business owners with similar inquiries regarding their taxes and the IRS.”